There really are many benefits to keeping sheep.

Not least the simple fact they are a pleasure to own!

A sheep that is tame will follow you around, come running whenever it sees you and stand/or sit for ages to be fussed and cuddled.

They have a very gentle nature, the ewes and castrated rams don't usually bully each other or fight like you will see some goats doing, they are not aggressive towards people and they don't butt.

Sheep can be really entertaining to watch, when they are playing and pottering around and they are also very relaxing to watch and interact with.

There are also many benefits sheep have on the land.

They make wonderful lawnmowers!

Keeping grass neatly trimmed, our sheep even like to browse on brambles, dock leaves, young gorse, thistles and certain other weeds. Brambles are probably their favourite and they also love a nibble on ivy.

They really can help to clear overgrown poor land.

Their light little feet don't churn up the ground like horses and even help to level it our where it is rutted or churned up. However if you don't have a big enough enclosure or very wet/boggy land you will find it can get poached/muddy, especially in gateways in continuous wet weather and this can be bad for sheep feet.

Sheep are especially beneficial when kept alongside or grazed in a field after horses have been there.

They will readily eat horsed grass, that the horses won't touch and believe it or not they will eat young Ragwort.

You rarely get Ragwort growing in fields grazed by sheep.

They will level out the uneven ground caused by heavy horse feet.

And they also help eliminate any horse parasites, worms that maybe in the pasture.

We sell many lambs to people who have horses and wish to have a few pet sheep to either keep lush grass down and/or to improve the condition of their land.