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 Patchwork Custard

Sex: Entire Ram

D.O.B: 22/03/13

Single Lamb

Sire: Ben Dam: Vanilla

Base Colour: Brown Pattern: None Spotting: Yes


Stunning young proven ram, sired beautiful lambs in 2014.

Friendly, easy to catch nice natured ram.

Sdaly for sale as we have too many rams.

To a good home only.

Temp Unavailable but may be rehomed in the future


 Patchwork Pancake (Pan)

Sex: Entire Ram

D.O.B: 24/03/12

Single Lamb

Sire: Bagi Dam: Mochi

Base Colour: Black Pattern: Badgerface Spotting: Yes


Gorgeous ram, proven sired beautiful lambs.

Very friendly and nice natured.

Free to a good home as we have too many rams.


 Patchwork Lambo

Sex: Entire Ram

D.O.B: April 2009

Single Lamb

Sire: Strider Dam: Current

Base Colour: Black Pattern: None Spotting: Yes


Lambo is first cross Jacob X Shetland

Lambo is the founding father of a lot of our ewes and his unusual markings and genes have played a large part in developing our flock. He has thrown lambs in a wide variety of colours and markings, usually fathering twins and several triplets. 

We are offering Lambo for sale as we had no breeding use for him this year, many of our ewes are now his daughters and granddaughters and we don't have many unrelated ewes left as we have sold them on. 

We would like him to find a good home, he can bring some great colours and markings into a flock. He is mid size between a Shetland and Jacob sheep but I would say he takes after the Shetland breed more than Jacob. 

He is a respectful ram, you can put a halter on him and tie him up to trim his feet and shear him, he accepts this and is very well behaved.

He has never been sick or sorry and loves living wild in our rough fields. We feed the rams a little feed every day to ensure they will follow us for a bucket when needed so he is easy to catch.

Please contact us for more info.


Patchwork Snoopy

Sex: Entire Ram

D.O.B: 06/03/12


Sire: Strider Dam: Sheila

Base Colour: Black Pattern: None Spotting: Yes

Lovely friendly ram, comes to call and a bucket, can be led on a halter. Will be great to breed more white spotting into Jacob lambs or to crossbreed. Contact us for more info.