Tuesday 28th April 2015

 Alvin ventures outside

 Today shy lamb Alvin went outside for the first time since he was born in the field. He is one of my favourite lambs, he is shy but really loves having his chin and belly rubbed and it often makes him fall asleep. He doesn't have a big bold personality like the triplets do he is a much more passive gentle fellow, and super cute too.

 Tuesday 21st April 2015

 Looking for a good home for Nimbus and family

 We have decided to sell lambs Meribel and Pierre together with their mum Nimbus. Nimbus is one of the best mums out there and very attentive to her lambs, it seems a shame to split the family up and due to my personal circumstances (pregnancy) it would be easier for me if I had a few less adult sheep to care for and a few less lambs to wean later in the year. They are looking for a very good home where they will be loved and well cared for.

Minnie's triplets think they have found a home already

 Yep the triplets may be joining their older cousin Brandy at a Primary school. The 3 of them are so friendly and relaxed around people they will be perfect for such a setting.

 Monday 20th April 2015

Its wormer and hoof trimming time again

 Today all the ewes were wormed, had their vitamin supplement and had their feet trimmed. It was also a great oppertunity for us to check exactly how many are pregnant and due from 1st - 8th May approx. We had noted about 6 ewes that were covered when one of our rams had his 2 jumping the fence sessions but to our surprise there are 13 ewes we think are pregnant! So that meany more lambs than we were hoping for (it was supposed to be a year off for everyone, sheep included!)

 Saturday 18th April 2015

 Little Hazel surprises us with a pure white lamb

Hazel gave brith to her little lamb, a pure white boy (Alvin). How he managed to come out pure white is a bit of a mystery, as white lambs are rare from these sheep. So he is pretty special. He was born outside on a beautiful sunny morning, Hazel did fantastic considering how tiny she is and that it is her first lamb. We left the pair outside till mid afternoon enjoying the sunshine.

 Friday 3rd April 2015 (Good Friday)

 Minnie gives birth to triplets at 2am in the morning!

 Minnie went into labour late in the evening, we decided to leave her out in the field as she was happy there and made regular checks every half hour to check all was well. First to arrive was a little ewe lamb (Ebony) and 30 minutes later when we checked on them there were 2 more arrivals another girl (Elora) and a little boy (Elbert). Once they were cleaned up the whole family was moved into the barn and all are doing great. They will be left with their mum and all will be supplemented with formula milk form a bottle to help Minnie out.

 Friday 27th March 2015

 Nimbus is the first ewe to lamb in 2015

 Whilst I was away on holiday in France Nimbus gave birth to twin lambs a girl (Meribel) and a boy (Pierre). With my mum looking after them for me all was well both mum and lambs healthy and doing great :)