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Sex: Ewe

D.O.B: April 2011 (3 years old)

Meg is a lovely gentle sheep. She had 2 lovely lambs last year but didn't take this year and so we cannot guarantee lambs from her, so she would be best suited as a pet.

Don't be put off by her horns, she is great to handle :) She comes over and eats food from our hands, follows you anywhere for a bucket of feed and sometimes enjoys the odd fuss and cuddle :)

Meg is £30



Sex: Ewe

D.O.B: April 2012 (2 years old)

Mareep also cannot have lambs she has been with the ram twice and never successfully taken or had lambs.

Mareep is inquisitive and quite a character, she comes up to me and eats food from my hand and the bucket but is wary or strangers. She acts like an overgrown lamb most of the time! Being silly and playing with the other sheep. She is beautiful looking and has a very nice soft fleece, great for spinners!

Mareep is £30 

FOR SALE SOLD/reserved

Scooby and Shaggy

Sex: Wether (castrated male)

D.O.B: April 2012 (2 years old)

They are both very friendly and come running over, shouting and baaing as soon as they see you, Shaggy (the one with more white/spots) is more confident and greedy than Scooby, who has a more quiet nature. They  follow you anywhere for a bucket of food, gobble it out of your hands and are very used to people.

We bred these 2 sheep and sold them as weanlings to an exotic animal/farm park on Anglesey where they lived for over a year, hence being very used to people being around! But sadly a change in circumstance and lack of suitable accommodation for them over this winter meant they could no longer keep them. So we took them back and they are now looking for a new life long home.

They are For Sale to a pet home. They love attention and love it when they are spoilt.

They will make fantastic unusual pets, lawn mowers, additions to a flock of pet sheep and they would be absoloutly ideal companions for other animals, eg horses/pony etc

Must go together!

They are £30 each (so £60 for the 2)