Patchwork Pancake (Pan)

Sex: Entire Ram

D.O.B: 24/03/12

Single Lamb

Sire: Bagi Dam: Mochi

Base Colour: Black Pattern: Badgerface Spotting: Yes

Pan is one of my favourite sheep, he has the most wonderful gentle friendly nature, and the most wonderful unusual colouring. He is Black base colour with Badger Face pattern with extensive white Spotting, though his base colour has faded with the sun you can see his true colour in his lamb photo.

Pan is going to be a dad this March/April for the first time. He ran with 5 ewes and it will be interesting to see what colour lambs he sires!

Patchwork Flapjack

Sex: Entire Ram

D.O.B: June 2012

Single Lamb

Sire: Ben Dam: Muffin

Base Colour: Black Pattern: Mouflon Spotting: Yes

Flapjack is a stunningly marked ram, he has a Black base colour with Mouflon pattern and fantastic white Spotting! He is also a nice small size and type and has a lovely soft fine fleece, though not much in length. He is not as relaxed a character as Pan, although  friendly and easy to lead on a rope he can be jumpy at times. Flapjack has fathered some lambs with fantastic markings already in 2014 and has more on the way!

Patchwork Custard

Sex: Ram

D.O.B: 22/03/13


Sire: Ben Dam: Vanilla

Base Colour: Brown Pattern: None Spotting: Yes

Custard is one of the newest additions to our breeding rams. He is my favourite Brown base colour and is a lovely type. He has a nice soft fine fleece and a better length to it that Flapjack. He has no pattern but has extensive white Spotting. He ran with several ewes for 2014 lambs and it will be interesting to see what he throws and how good the white spotting on them will be. Custard is a big character, he is very over confident and full on himself! Not at all jumpy or flighty and very relaxed about everything. Maybe too much so as he can be a bit of a monster at times!

Patchwork Fudge

Sex: Ram

D.O.B: 18/04/13


Sire: Flapjack Dam: Lizzy

Base Colour: Brown Pattern: None Spotting: Yes

Ting Fudge was the smallest lamb ever born here, he weighed just 1.3kg at birth and was and still is tiny! He should prove vital in bringing the size of our lambs down ever more in the future. He didn't run with any ewes for 2014 lambs as he was just too small but will be be hoping to be a dad in the future! He is a lovely gentle character, friendly and sometimes a bit nervous but he loves fuss and a scratch.


 Patchwork Lambo

Sex: Entire Ram

D.O.B: April 2009

Single Lamb

Sire: Strider Dam: Current

Base Colour: Black Pattern: None Spotting: Yes

Lambo is the founding father of a lot of our ewes and his unusual markings and genes have played a large part in developing our flock. He has thrown lambs in a wide variety of colours and markings, usually fathering twins and several triplets. 

We were going to sell Lambo as we don't have much breeding use for him now, but being very fond of him its hard to let go..