We love to receive emails and photos of how our sheep are doing in their new homes!

We really care about the sheep we sell and that their new owners are pleased with their new wooly friends! So if you buy sheep from us we would love to get an email and even a few pics and know how they are getting on, we want everyone who buys sheep from us to be happy with them!

Below you will find some testimonials from people who previously bought sheep from us and we hope by reading these you can be assured our sheep are as lovely as we say! We have never had any negative feedback about any sheep we sold on!

 Mog, Hodge and Brandy - In their new home at a Primary School in Bolton :)

We have been following their adventures on the schools Facebook page, they look to be having lots of fun there!

 Iris, Velvet & Ivy - Looking very happy in their new home :)


 Hatty, Bramble & Chickpea - Now Happily settled in their new home with Emma :)

Obi and Bo - Now happy in their new home with Meredith and Jingo (their new sheep friend)!

 Dot, Barbara and Marshmallow - Now settled in their lovely new home with Suzi and family :)

Ponty and Jelly - Now very much at home with Amanda and family!
Bagi - Now very happy in his new home in Devon with his 3 new sheep friends!