How to Transport Sheep

One of the most common problems people seem to encounter when buying their first sheep is how to get them home.

Many people who intend to keep only a few sheep as pets don't have their own livestock trailer, and may not know any local farmers or smallholders they can borrow one off..

The best way to transport a small number of sheep is in either a small Livestock Trailer or in a Van (either a small White Van type or a larger Transit Van).

It is often possible to hire our either of those for the day for a fee, you can search online for your local hire places or ask local people. You may even find someone willing to lend you their trailer to fetch the sheep.

It is also possible to transport sheep in the back of a Large Car, like an estate or 4x4, if you are only taking a small number and provided they are properly restrained, as in they cannot jump into the front of the car and interferer with the driver, which could result in a fatal accident. The best way to do this is with a properly fitted dog guard or placing the sheep in a large enough dog cage. If you plan to take them in a car you should make sure there is plenty of ventilation, so the sheep don't over heat, not to mention they could cause quite a smell!

You should provide plenty of clean straw as bedding, the sheep wil usually sit down during the journey and usually make a fair bit of mess!

If your journey is very long you should provide some hay for them to munch on and it is best to stop and offer the sheep some fresh water. Just be careful you don't let them jump out.

We can offer local delivery of our sheep, usually the furthest we can travel is about 2 hours away, and this comes at the cost of our fuel there and back. We do hope in the future to be able to offer delivery further afield, but this is not possible at the moment.