2015 born lambs now available for sale/reserve!

Contact us - patchworksheep@gmail.com 

All sheep/lambs purchased from us are given a health check by us prior to leaving.

This may include having their feet trimmed, having a Vitamin/Mineral supplement and worming usually with either Combinex or Supaverm.

They will not be wormed if they have already been done very recently or if you the buyer would rather worm them yourself when you get them home.

They will not be given the Vitamin/Mineral supplement if they have already been dosed within the last month or if not needed.

A our sheep are regularly wormed, feet trimmed and dosed with a vitamin/mineral supplement.

We don't use external parasite sprays unless necessary. These sheep are naturally resistant to external parasites and flystrike thanks to their short-medium fleece and short tails.

We also do not vaccinate as do not believe in necessary and so far have had no problems because of this. We did vaccinate our sheep in 2012 and 2013 but not before then and again from 2014 onwards will no longer be vaccinating them. If anything, starting to vaccinate them did more harm than good. However I must stress that if you wish to have vaccinated sheep there is no reason why you can't start vaccinating sheep purchased from us, they will require 2 doses 4-6 weeks apart and then onwards each year as usual.