NEW FOR 2018!

Its a new year and we have a new ram!

He is a beautiful grey mouflon coloured Icelandic ram named Sven!

And we are expecting a small number of new lambs!

The first lambs for a couple of years since the birth of our own daughter!

Lambs are due to be born at the beginning of May and a few more due Mid June.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in reserving any lambs, we are only expecting a small number so there won't be many to go around.

We also have plenty of beautiful natural coloured fleeces available for sale. The fleeces are lovely and soft and crimpy, ideal for spinning or felting!

They come in a variety of lengths and colours!

Contact us to arrange a viewing, payment online and postage is also available if you can't make the trip over, contact for more info!

Email us -

Please allow time for a reply, we will get back to you!

Our own Patchwork Sheep are a mix of several breeds that we have selectively crossed and bred with the aim of creating our ideal sheep!

Our sheep are friendly, full of character and do enjoy contact with us.

We keep them mainly as pets, to manage the land and for their beautiful natural coloured fleeces!

We aren't farmers, and only breed the sheep as a hobby and sell some of their offspring to help pay towards feed and maintenance for the others.

We don't eat the lambs or intentionally sell any sheep for meat. I guess we are too soft and a bit bonkers but we also think there is more to sheep than many people think, and we get a lot of fun out of owning them.

It would be great if we can help promote the image of Sheep as characterful pet animals! Alongside other livestock like Goats and Alpacas, sheep actually can make the most wonderful fiber pets and lawn mowers and are very much underrated!

The adult ewes are also good breeding sheep for Smallholders or hobby farmers, especially if you don't have much or very poor land.

See our 'About' pages to find out more about these lovely little sheep :)