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Welcome to Patchwork Sheep

We keep a flock of over 30 sheep, on the Llyn Peninsular in North Wales. Nearly all our sheep were born here. They are sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, even great grandmothers. They roam our fields, trimming the grass and nibbling the brambles. Coming over for a cuddle each day and providing beautiful fleeces each year.

They are mostly all cross breeds, selectively bred by ourselves from Shetland, Soay, Jacob, Welsh and more recently Icelandic, Wenslydale & Valais Black Nose. They make wonderful pets and grow wonderful fleeces ideal for crafters.

We don’t farm our sheep, or breed them every year, we don’t sell any of our sheep or lambs for meat. And just simply enjoy having them here as pet animals as they are great fun to own!


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A September of new arrivals!

2018 has been a year for new arrivals. Our woolly family has grown from 29 to over 40 residents since the beginning of the year!

Some of these new additions are lambs born here, others are new sheep like ram Sven that we specifically bought in and others are sheep who were in need of a home.

September especially has seen lots of new members join our family, but not the woolly kind. Starting on the 1st of September with the birth of our second child little Oliver! He was closely followed by 2 guinea pigs, Custard & Dave who were in need of a home following their previous owner’s house move. (Our farm is home to 16 guinea pigs a lot of whom are rescued or were piggies in need of a home). They were followed by the addition of 2 Anglo Nubian goatlings Arianna & Tigerlily (Tiggy), much to the sheep’s disgust. They don’t seem impressed by their new hairy neighbours!

We will also be welcoming 3 new woolly additions in the coming weeks.

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Shearing complete - Lots of Fleece available For Sale!

Our marathon shearing session of 2018 is now complete! (Well mostly, as the 4 longwool sheep we have will need doing again before winter.) 

All our sheep were sheared by myself and my husband with hand shears, it took us a good few sessions over the last couple of weeks to get them all done! But its worth it for a neat cut and rewarding at the end of the day.

So we now have lots of raw fleeces available for sale! Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a fleece, we are happy to post them, most prices are between £10-15 + postage or you can collect. We will be taking a lot of our clip to the Wool & Fleece Fair in Hafod Y Llan near Beddgelert on the 14th & 15th July 2018, organised by Calon Wlan

We are also hosting on our farm a Felting Workshop at the end of June, organised by Nicole of Calon Wlan. Its £30 for a whole day workshop, tea, coffee, biscuits & light lunch included. We will be felting with the natural fleece from our Patchwork Sheep and making hairy seat covers!

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About our Sheep

Our sheep are friendly, full of character and great fun to own!

They are nearly all home bred and a result of over 10 years of selective crossbreeding!

We started crossbreeding our sheep with the aim of creating a very attractive, small sized, hardy and healthy sheep, and I think our sheep are just that!

We keep them mainly as pets, to manage our 22 acres of land and for their beautiful array of natural coloured fleeces.

We certainly aren’t farmers and don’t profit from the sheep. We do sometimes breed a few lambs to sell to pet homes and sometimes have adult sheep for sale, any money from this goes back into the sheep as feed and other nessesities.

We don’t eat the lambs and do not sell any sheep for meat. All our lambs are reared with a lot of human contact and love, with the intention of them becoming pets or breeding animals and we hope that any prospective buyers honour that.

It would be great if we can help promote the image of sheep as characterful pet animals! Along side other livestock like goats and alpacas, sheep can actually make the most wonderful fiber pets and lawnmovers and are very much underated!

The adult ewes can also make nice sheep for smallholders or hobby farmers starting out, especially if you don’t have much or have very poor land.

Take a look around our website to find out more about these lovely little sheep. If you don’t find your answer just send us an email, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!