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Terms and Conditions for Sheep & Lamb Sales

Reserving Lambs

As is stated on the Lambs 2018 page:

We accept deposits on lambs to secure them for you until they are weaned from mum.

We wean most lambs at approx 12 weeks of age. This does not mean your lamb will be weaned at bang on 12 weeks old. We try to wean all lambs together or in groups of similar age. Some lambs may be 1 or 2 weeks younger than others, some may be a couple of weeks older. If all the lambs are very well grown we may decide to wean them a week or two earlier.

After we wean them we usually wait a few days to a week before we are happy for them to go, just to be sure they are feeding well and coping after being weaned.

When you reserve a lamb we will give you an approximate date for when they will be weaned and ready to leave so you can make plans.

When you reserve a lamb with us you will receive regular email updates every 2-3 weeks. These will contain lots of lovely photos and an update on how your lambs are doing!

We are happy for you to come and visit them again after you initially reserve them. But this must be by prior arrangement to ensure we are at home and have time available. We ask that people do not simply turn up with out us giving the ok as we are not an open farm, and there is not always someone present to deal with visitors.

If you have any further questions please contact us.



Deposits placed on lambs and/or other sheep are none refundable except in case of death of the lamb/sheep prior to collection.

When you leave a deposit you are promising that you will return to collect your lamb/sheep when they are ready to leave us/or by the agreed time, and that you won’t change your mind or fail to collect/show up on the agreed date. Should you do so the deposit is none refundable.

By accepting your deposit we are promising that we will hold for the agreed time or until ready to leave us, whichever particular lamb or sheep you have left the deposit on, that we won’t sell it to another person(s).

You will receive an email receipt for you deposit as proof.

We also reserve the right to refund any deposits should we feel it is in the best interest of the animal’s welfare.


Lamb Deposits – further information

£15 deposit per lamb will secure the lamb for you until it is ready to leave.

Deposits placed on lambs are none refundable except in case of death of the lamb prior to collection. (Though very rare and sad, it is possible for whatever reason that a reserved lamb could die, especially in those first crucial days/weeks of life, should this ever happen the deposit on that particular lamb will be returned or if there are other available lambs the buyer will be given the option to transfer the deposit to another lamb.)

All lambs must be collect within 6 weeks of weaning unless a prior arrangement has been agreed with us. (We always notify people of when we are planning to wean their lambs and notify you when we have actually weaned them. You will have plenty of warning so a date for collection can be arranged well in advance. If the buyer fail’s to contact us back to arrange collection within  6 weeks of the lamb being weaned or fails to show on an arranged day the terms of deposit’s have been broken and the lamb(s) will be re sold and the deposit retained. Obviously sometimes an emergency can arise or something unavoidable that may mean you are unable to collect on the agreed day in this situation we ask you notify us as soon as possible so we can arrance a different date with you.)

If you have any questions at all regarding deposits please feel free to contact us.