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Find out what sort of care sheep require!

Use the links below to read more about caring for your sheep!

Sheep can give off the impression that they require little to no care, that you can just buy them put them in a field and leave them to it. Whilst this may be more true of very primitive breeds like Soay, they still require maintenance to ensure good overall well being, after all, ‘prevention is better than the cure’. And certain breeds such as longwools require more care than say primitive Soay sheep. Keeping sheep is a bit like keeping goats, except sheep don’t mind the wet weather and they will need to be sheared.

It can be daunting when thinking of starting out with sheep but don’t be put off, 99% of the time you won’t encounter any problems especially if you are just keeping 2 or 3 as pets. We are always happy to offer additional advice, whether you are buying lambs from us or just happened upon this page!

Sheep Care

These pages are designed to give you advice about basic care for sheep, to find out more about commonly encountered problems and sheep illness take a look at our page on ‘Problems and Illness’.