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Hi Lucy,

Was so lovely to meet you too! I’m just so sorry it was all so rushed, I would have loved to have spent more time there! I was great to see how much you cared for them 🙂

The girls were as good as gold all the way back, we hardly heard a baa out of them tehehe. They were quite obviously a bit nervous when I first went into the van but I soon lured them with sheepnuts and we managed to lead them out on halters into the field no problem 🙂 they are now happily munching away!

Aww thank you that will be really useful I’ve just been sitting reading my sheep book, I think they should really write especially for pet sheep!

I’ll let you know how we get on 🙂

Take care x


Hi Lucy how are you?
Just thought i’d update you on how things are going with our new sheepington friends 🙂 They have settled in really well and i can’t imagine life without them!
As you can imagine Hatty loves her fuss, she’s always comming for cuddles and is full of personality and definately leader of the gang!haha!Cinders (who i’v now named chickpea because she is so small and cute) has just started really enjoying fuss aswell this week which put a huge smile on my face 🙂 she’s always seemed very interrested but a little apprehensive at first.She is bottom of the pecking order bless her so and the other pair tell her what for!Pony (who i’v renamed Bramble after she spent her first few days here with a huge bramble stuck on her side and wouldn’t let me anywhere near her to get it!) is a right funny character and extremely vocal!She’s the first to have a moan at you but also the first to run away!hehe!Everone who comes across Bramble has a soft spot for her!She definately is the most nervous but thinks with her belly which can be useful 🙂 i would be shocked if she ever got into fuss but it’s quite nice having one thats a little bit more wild !
As for halter trainig i decided to leave it a while so they could  just gain confidence in me, i took the halter in the field the other day thinking of possibly doing some training with Hatty,she was having loads of fuss but as soon as she saw that Halter she was off!Haha!So i think i could do with making a pen to catch them in 🙂

I’m chuffed i had these three little lovelies off you i’m besotted with them!

Take care

Emma x