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Hia hun,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that Obi and Bo have settled wonderfully. It’s like they have always been here, they are happy as Larry! Obi is more affectionate than Jingo (Jingo dissed us a bit at first-stopping the bottle and the boys coming, but she is loving again now). Obi gives kisses and licks my face all over lol, he LOVES being loved! Bo is still shy, however he took a shine to my Mum when she visited last week, I said he’s a bit shyer Mum and then he gave her kisses and let stroke him all over!

They are adorable, feeding time with 3 is chaos, they knock me flying ha ha! And we’ve had to protect our outbuilding mirrored fridge, Bo thinks it’s another ram and butts it!

They love their shelter, we lock them in a night but on bad weather days we leave it open and let them graze our garden grass (instead of the fields), yesterday the weather was crap and by choice they spent all day indoors on hay.

They are so funny! Right characters.

All is well, oh and they’ve met the dog. The dog is disinterested in them but they are a bit nervous of him, they try and herd away from him so slowly does it, they are not freely mixing just yet.

Hope all is well with you and the fam.

Merry x


Hi Lucy,

Happy New Year to you. Wanted to drop you a line to tell you how well our boys (and girl) are doing. Jingo is boss, the boys follow her everywhere. Bo isn’t as shy anymore, he loves to give kisses and have a stroke but he’s a bit shy of cuddles. Obe loves cuddles, would stand there all day for cuddles if I would lol!

We had a little scare with Obe last year, one day I went to call them in and he wasn’t himself at all, shying away in the field on his own. It was Sunday teatime but I didn’t take any risks in delaying so I phoned the vet put Obe in the car and took him down to Pwhelli to meet him. Vet listened to his chest and said very early signs of pneumonia, gave him some jabs, he was right as rain the next day, phew! Other than that all good. They’ve had their vaccinations and we’re a dab hand at worming  them now (although they are getting too big for us to pick up and weigh them in our arms).

After pneumonia scare vet recommended that we keep them in when the weather is very bad or very cold but with plenty of ventilation. They don’t mind staying in, recently in the blizzards they stayed in for 4 whole days. I had to keep digging out to feed them and the blizzard was so fine it was getting in all the gaps near the roof. The sheep were still dusted in snow inside! Snow drifts were bad, 6ft in places, had to get a digger to dig out our track. Hope you all got through it ok, hard with animals in bad weather. Our field taps froze (despite being insulated) and we seemed to spend a week hiking water out to our horses, nightmare!

Once the weather picked up and we let the sheep out out they were leaping about like spring lambs, lol, bless em, they must have been bored. They hang out with our dog happily now, when the dog’s guarding and running around the perimeter wall they run and leap and bound after him. They chase him and head butt him sometimes, people that come here find it hilarious that the guard dog and guard sheep all go running to the gate ha ha!!!

So many funny little characteristics I could tell you about, they’re a joy, love em to bits. Thank you for entrusting them to us. Hope life is good your end. It’s been a long wet Winter, roll on the Spring.


Meredith x