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Our first lambs of 2019 were born quite appropriately on the 31st March! I say ‘our’ lambs but they really belong to lovely Frieda who became a mum for the first time on Mother Day ☺️ It was a bit unexpected and it all happened very fast. The first born boy came out within minutes of pushing and is very tiny. He did not breathe or show any signs of life but after 10 minutes of trying to revive him with blowing into his lungs, vigorous rubbing and poking grass up his nose he only had intermittent breaths and a weak heart rate but slowly he started breathing on his own and holding his head up a little. The next lamb out was a little girl much bigger and up on her feet within a few minutes and by this time my lovely next door neighbour had arrived to help out. Mum and babies were moved into the barn where baby number 3 another little boy made his appearance. We placed the tiny weak baby under a heat lamp to try to warm and liven him up but it was apparent he was very cold and on the edge of life so he had a warm bath and the hairdryer on him to bring his body temperature up which worked a treat and then he was tube fed colostrum. Frieda and the 2 big healthy triplets are doing fantastic but the tiny little boy lamb is still just clinging to life. He is on regular tube feeds and has made some little improvements throughout the day. I have never tube fed a lamb before as I have never had the need so my neighbour Tim has kindly showed me how – it is a very scary thing to do.. the lamb is still too weak to stand or hold his head for very long but he is looking more alert and has made attempts to get up so I am crossing everything and hoping for a little miracle that he can make it through the night. 🐏🐑💕


I’m so sad to say the little one lost his fight for life a short while ago. He improved a lot to the point he could stand and take milk from a bottle but he had a high temp and fluid on his lungs I got medicine for him but it was all too much and he went downhill again and I couldn’t save him this time. It’s heartbreaking and hard not to blame yourself but I don’t think he was meant for this world. Frieda and her 2 other lambs are all doing very well. Just so sad for the little lamb that he hasn’t had a life…