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I bought Merry from the same farm as Wilma and Porridge. She was offered to me as she wasn’t able to be registered because her facial markings and fleece were not correct for the breed standard. Merry was very small and a bit sickly looking when she first came. On closer inspection, we found she had a heavy louse burden but after treatment and a bit extra food she blossomed and looks a very different sheep now. She was completely unhandled having spent her whole life out in the fields with her mum but with time she has become very friendly and cuddly. She is a very sweet gentle character typical of her breed.
Breeding – Greyface Dartmoor
Colour genetics – Merry is white with a grey nose typical of the most Greyface Dartmoor sheep. This is the ‘White’ pattern showing on most likely a black base.
Date of birth – the Year 2018
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