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I bought Wilma from a Greyface Dartmoor breeder after seeing her advertised online. She was unregisterable as a Greyface Dartmoor because of her colouring – which is one of the reasons I was drawn to her. After being given some GFD fleeces to work with and falling in love with the beauty of the fleece and cuteness of these cuddly little sheep I had decided I would like to add 1 or 2 to my flock and so we made the journey across Wales to pick Wilma up. Inevitably she brought a couple of her flock mates along – little Merry who is another unregisterable GFD and Porridge who is a Gotland x GFD diva. All 3 had just lived out in the fields with minimal human contact but have slotted in perfectly and become very cuddly and friendly since being here. Wilma has a gorgeous fleece and my intentions are to make her sheared fleece into felted fleece rugs. The sale of these will help support Wilma and my other sheep financially throughout the year. In the unlikely event we actually make a profit that will go towards my own family and little kids.
Breeding – Greyface Dartmoor
Colour genetics – Wilma is a colour genetic throwback Greyface Dartmoor sheep are bred to be white with a grey nose and freckles. She came from a show breeder from pedigree GFD sheep and her mum was an old show ewe. I’m not 100% sure but I think Wilma shows the ‘Badgerface’ pattern. We might know more when she is sheared. Whatever her pattern or genetics she is very beautiful.
Date of birth – the Year 2018
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