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Felted fleece sheepskin rug handmade from the whole of Jemima’s 2022 fleece…

This pretty rug is handmade from the fleece of Jemima (pictured in the photos.) She has the most beautiful wavy cream fleece with light grey patches around the edges and center of her fleece. It is a large-size heavyweight fleece made using the whole of Jemima’s 2022 fleece.  The underside of the rug is a matching mottle grey and white/cream colour with delicate, minimal handspun wool decoration. I have also needle felted Jemima’s name on too. Her fleece is a lovely example of a ‘vegetarian sheepskin and one of my personal favourite fleeces. It is ideal as a floor rug but equally at home placed on a chair or bed. The neutral colours will look beautiful in any setting and bring a touch of woolly luxury to any home.

Jemima is a Leicester Longwool crossbred sheep who lives here with her half-sisters Florence, Tatty, Jasmine, their brother Bruno and many other sheep at our home on the Llyn Peninsular in North Wales. She is big character who loves human attention and having a nosy at all my wool crafts when I am out in the field taking photographs of them. The name Jemima means ‘dove’ hence the little feather that I have needle felted next to her name.

All my sheep are hand-shorn by me with traditional blade shears taking great care not to harm the sheep or fleece.. This particular fleece is Jemima’s 3rd shear fleece aka the third fleece that she has grown in her lifetime. It is unique as each sheep’s fleece is never quite the same each year, many factors affect it, weather, age, diet etc.

The reverse of the rug is made from carded and handspun wool that is then hand felted to Jemima’s fleece. It is a mix of wool from several other sheep including Norbert, Daffodil, Frieda and Shamrock.

This is a truly handmade product every element has been created by myself and Jemima and the flock at our farm in Wales. It is made from 100% natural hand-processed wool and is over a year in the making. The sale of it directly sustains the sheep and enables them to live out their whole lives here munching away growing beautiful wool. You can’t get more ethical than that.

Dimensions: Measurements taken on the fleece side are approx 130cm-145cm long x 80-90cm wide. It is an irregular natural shape.

Wool texture: The feel of this fleece has a soft silky feel with lovely lustre.

Colour: The colour of this rug is cream and with several small pale grey patches it is very pretty. The edges have some natural staining of grey, gold/brown in places. The underside felt is a mottle of white, cream and grey colours.

VM(aka hay/grass seeds etc): You may find the odd wisp of hay or grass seed from the Welsh hillside within the fleece and felt but they are very few and only add to the naturalness of this handmade piece.

All felted fleeces naturally moult or shed to some degree some more than others depending on the fiber type. This particular fleece is minimal moulting.

Felted fleeces aka vegetarian sheepskin rugs are best suited to light use but they really will last for years and years if loved and treated with respect and care. Being made of only wool (and the odd bit of hay and Welsh hillside…) they are completely biodegradable and kind to our planet…

If you have any questions or queries at all please send me a message I will be happy to help.


A lot of time, care and love go into all my items they are all individually made one at a time by just 1 pair of hands – from caring for and shearing the sheep, washing the wool and crafting an item to the packaging and posting – handmade in the truest sense of the word.

Any questions just send me a message.

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Post Packaging In an effort to be more eco-friendly most of the outer post packaging I send items in is reused aka recycled packaging that we have received parcels in ourselves or that has been gifted to me to put to good use.

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If you have any problems with your order please contact me and I will do my best to help.


We keep a well-loved, high welfare flock of pet and rescue sheep on the Llyn Peninsular in North Wales. Our sheep are a part of the family and each is known by name. All our wool and makes are vegetarian-friendly as we do not breed or sell sheep for the meat market and our sheep live out their natural lives with us. I am a full-time mum and shepherdess. In my (none existent!) free time I make things from wool from the sheep in order to sustain them.





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